Friday, March 20, 2015

Bigelow Caramel & Coconut Herbal Tea

As mentioned in a previous post, when I heard Bigelow had released some Girl Scout cookie flavored teas, I was on the hunt. I specifically made a trip to my local The Christmas Tree Shop and picked up a box of the Bigelow Caramel & Coconut Herbal Tea. The tea is a tip of the hat to (my beloved) Girl Scout Samoas cookie.

I brewed a cup of tea to have as an afternoon treat and I found the flavor of the tea is very much caramel & coconut ... although I found it was missing that classic chocolate flavor that comes with samoas. IT definitely tilts a hat at Samoas cookies, but it's not a deaf ringer. The tea is flavored with classically sweeter flavors, but I don't find it to be sweet tasting  After brewing II added a packet of sweetener to it. Even with that it wasn't right ... so I added in a splash of milk and it was perfect. Typically I like my teas black, but there are a few that are an exception to the rule and this is one of them.

Overall, it was a good treat, especially in the late afternoon when my taste buds may be looking for something sweeter to snack on. The best part is it comes with no guilt and no added calories/points plus values.

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