Monday, April 13, 2015

KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink - Lemon Cayenne Cleanse

Strolling through the organic/healthy food section of one of my local grocery stores, I was intrigued by some of the KeVita drinks they had available. I had tried KeVita in the past, but I wanted to give a few of the flavors I hadn't tried before a shot. Low and behold, I picked up a bottle of the KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink - Lemon Cayenne Cleanse.
This is a sparkling probiotic drink ... so think along the lines of sparkling water, except not as carbonated. It's got a little bubbly action to it, but nothing that'll be overwhelming if you take a big sip.  According to the brands website, the drink is "Spicy and sublime, KeVita Lemon Cayenne is lightly sweetened with stevia, and contains no added sugar. Delicious between meals, Lemon Cayenne is certified organic and non-GMO, low calorie, low glycemic, vegan, dairy and gluten free."
What I find most interesting about this drink is that depending on how you drink it (how quickly and how much you swallow at once) you really get different flavors with each drink. I found if I took a big gulp the apple cider vinegar flavor was in full force. If it was sipped slowly there was a slight sweetness to it ... like a healthier lemonade with a little bit of a maple flavor lingering in the background. There wasn't necessarily a cayenne flavor, or at least nothing remotely spicy was more along the lines of lemon, maple and apple cider vinegar. I enjoyed it and found it to not be all that bad.
A serving, 8 ounces, is 5 calories or 0 points plus values.

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