Friday, April 3, 2015

Chocolite Crispy Caramel Chocolates

I stumbled upon an interesting food find at my local The Christmas Tree Shop: Chocolite Crispy Caramel Chocolates. These are a sugar free brand of chocolate which are advertised as a delicious alternative to regular chocolate. They're also coined to be a good chocolate alternative for folks who follow programs such as Weight Watchers, Atkins or South Beach.
The candies themselves I have to say are quite good. They don't taste sugar free or anything different from any average caramel covered chocolate. The only thing that is "different" about them is the caramel is a little chewier and a different texture than your average caramel ... but it really wasn't that bad nor that noticeable. The crispy bits create a nice contrast between the caramel and chocolate giving it a good bite. The chocolate is a good flavor and I found a package with 2 caramels was more than enough to satisfy and curb my sweet tooth.
If you are looking for these online, the product is sold by the company Healthsmart Food which is located in Evansville, IN. From a quick Google search I've seen these are sold on a number of websites such as Heathsmart Foods, Amazon, Netrition, iHerb, etc. I found these readily available at my local Christmas Tree Shop (they were in the aisle with the nutrition bars).
A serving, 1 piece, is 30 calories or 1 points plus values OR the package if 60 calories and 2 points plus values.

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