Saturday, April 11, 2015

Healthy French Toast

Lately I've been in the process of eliminating white breads from my food life. I used to purchase light italian bread and I've decided that perhaps it was aiding into my stomach not quite agreeing with it. So, with that, I've decided to start purchasing a High Fiber Whole Wheat store-brand bread (there are name brands available, such as one by Arnold's) which is just slightly higher in calories/points plus values ... but it's also so much better for you. I've found since making the switch I've enjoyed it a lot more and it's far more satisfying.
One morning, I really, really wanted french toast ... so I decided to jump start my french toast game and make a healthier, more satisfying french toast. And I was so pleased with the results, that I have had it continuously over the past few weeks. So here's what I did:

* 1/2 cup of eggbeaters to a bowl
* 2 tbsp egg whites
* 1 tbsp of unsweetened cashew milk (you can use almond milk, skim milk, or skip if you prefer)
 * 1 tsp vanilla
* Sprinkle of cinnamon
* 2 slices High Fiber Whole Wheat bread
* Non-stick cooking spray

Add all ingredients to a bowl and whisk until well combined.
Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat, which has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.
I then add in one slice of high fiber whole wheat bread and let it sit for a few seconds, pushing the edges of the bread into the mixture so it can absorb some of the liquid, then flip repeating on the other side and add the dipped bread into the pan. Repeating with the other slice.  I allow the toast to cook for a few minutes before flipping and cooking through on the other side. I remove from the pan when the second slice "bubbles" up in the middle.  I add them onto a plate to allow them to cool slightly
As a little added incentive to my breakfast dish I like to saute up a banana to give my french toast a little more pizazz.
I then re-spray my pan and slice a banana and add it onto the pan with a little sprinkle of cinnamon over the top. I then saute the bananas on each side ... which warms the banana through and gives the outside a slight crunch bringing fourth the flavor far more. I add that onto my french toast, with 1 tbsp sugar free syrup and some fresh berries ... and breakfast is served! Simple and delicious!
The greatest part is it's packed with fiber and protein so it's going to keep you satisfied longer. For my french toast .. it comes out to 5 points plus values (4 for the bread and 1 for the egg mixture).


  1. Why do you use egg beaters and egg whites? Are egg beaters not enough?

    1. You can skip the egg whites, but I find it loosens up the mixture a little more.