Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trader Joe's Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops with Apple Almond Stufffing

Last time I was at Trader Joe's I made a point to check out their "butcher" section. I was in the mood to meal prep with something I haven't tried before from their meat selection. I happened to spot the Trader Joe's Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops with Apple Almond Stuffing and decided to pick them up to have for dinner and potentially another dinner/lunch if there were leftovers. I love stuffed pork chops and the apple almond stuffing sounded intriguing.

The chops are packaged assembled and ready to be seared and roasted in the oven. I added a teaspoon of olive oil to a non-stick skillet and heated it up, once heated I added my pork chops and allowed them to sear on one side before adding a bit more olive oil and allowing to sear on the other side. Once the chops had a nice color to both sides, I transferred them to a baking dish, tented the dish with foil and popped them into the oven per the directions suggested.  I set the timer and pulled them out when done.

The end result was truly delicious. Don't go into it expecting a Stove Top stuffing because it's anything but ... it's the real deal holy-field of stuffing's which has a very mild apple taste and has almond slices throughout the stuffing. The dish together compliments itself well ... but with all stuffed pork chops a little side of apple sauce makes it come together perfectly. The stuffing is moist, the pork is lean with a little bit of fat along the edge of the chop (as normal). Nonetheless I found them to be quite enjoyable and I will undoubtedly be repurchasing again.  Dinner guests also found them to be enjoyable, so winner all around!

A serving, 128g (which for me was 1/2 a pork chop), is 190 calories or 5 points plus values.

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  1. Congratulations on your progress. I have recently finally came around to shopping at Trader Joes and i never leave without these stuffed pork chops they are so tasty!!!! All the Best you look stunning !