Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oreo's Candy Cane (Mini)

I stumbled upon this photo in my archive and realized I never shared this review ... so better late than never!
For the winter months, Oreo released a peppermint flavored cookie. Initially, in my area, the Oreo Candy Cane cookies were only available in the miniature family size serving boxes ... but I have now seen them for sale at my local grocery store in your normal packaging.
The Oreo's are your classic chocolate cookie, which is filled with a red colored candy cane (or peppermint) flavored cream. The candy cane flavoring is not overwhelming, it adds a bit of pizzazz in each bite, but I find the chocolate cookie helps keep the flavor categories in control. The cookies are sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. Overall, they are quite enjoyable, although I do find the candy cane/ peppermint flavor does keep one from overeating a serving. They're enjoyable enough that a picky toddler even enjoyed them ... so two thumbs up, especially for a "festive" seasonale cookie.
A serving, 9 mini cookies (or if you have the regular packaged cookies, a serving is 2 cookies), is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.

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