Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trader Joe's OH Danish Kringle - Pecan Kringle

On one of my last trips through Trader Joe's I saw they had kringles available and I nearly clicked my heels together with delight. Wondering what flavor it was ... I was awed when I saw it was the Trader Joe's OH Danish Kringle - Pecan Kringle. This was the third kringle I've tried (pumpkin caramel and almond being the other two) so I knew this one could swing either way ... either straight out of the park or it'd be third strike you're out.

The kringle is your classic Danish dessert which is a large round ring of flaky pastry crust which has a filling in the middle. The top layer of pasty crust is then covered in a moderately thick layer of icing - giving it the "icing on the cake" vibe. This particular kringles filling is a thick brown sugar cinnamon filling, which isn't very sweet, which is then riddled with pieces of pecans all throughout the filling. It definitely isn't shy of pecans, which is appreciated.

Flavor wise, this reminds me of homemade pecan danish rings. There used to be a bakery in my area that made them fresh every morning and the flavor of this brought me back in time for a moment. Ideally they're two different desserts, but they're similar and the flavor is there. This in a way throws a nod towards pecan pie, but only if you cut the sweetness of pecan pie by two-thirds. The kringle is sweet, but certainly not sickeningly so ... but I do find the 1 serving is more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

A serving, 1/12th of the danish, is 230 calories or 5 points plus values.

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  1. I am extremely jealous. Pecan kringle is great. I grew up in Racine, the home of kringle, but cannot get it at my Trader Joe's. Hope it comes here to Virginia soon.