Saturday, June 7, 2014

Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos

While shopping at Target I had seen a new [or truthfully a repeat] Oreo flavor a few times. Initially I was like "Watermelon? No way..." until one afternoon on a trip through the store I decided to pick up a package of the Limited Edition Watermelon Oreo cookies for an Oreo taste test session.

Initially the package was tucked away in the cabinet until I decided to take them out and share with family at a barbecue. At first we were skeptical ... I mean watermelon Oreo’s? Opening them up, your nose is awarded with a watermelon scent. Then upon first bite ... you truly do get a watermelon flavor.  It’s what I would assume a watermelon gum flavor would taste like … that sweet artificial watermelon flavor. It's weird considering it's a cookie ... but Nabisco truly hit the nail on the head with the flavor in these. The watermelon flavor isn't overwhelming and it isn't sickeningly chemically as some artificial watermelon products can get.  The golden cookie definitely helps make this a smooth flavor ... because a chocolate variety would simply be repulsive.  Overall? These aren’t bad …

A serving is 2 cookies which is 150 calories or 4 points plus values. Or you can have one cookie for 2 points plus.

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