Sunday, June 8, 2014

Artisan Bistro Thai Style Yellow Curry with Chicken

This past weekend I needed something for lunch … and since I didn’t have anything in the refrigerator to cook, I decided to grab a frozen dinner. After giving my options a once over, I decided to go with the Artisan Bistro Thai Style Yellow Curry with Chicken bowl.  I had never tried any Artisan Bistro meal before but just from the looks of the dish on the box I was intrigued.

I really enjoy curry dishes, but outside of Jamaican curry, Thai curry is one of my favorites. Since I don’t have Thai food often, this seemed right up my alley … and it definitely was.  Outside of it being a Thai curry dish – what intrigued me was the fact that it’s made with organic brown rice, quinoa and vegetables.  The dish is all natural and gluten free. Since I am known to have texture issues with frozen chicken microwave dishes I was glad to see it contained free range chicken.

After a quick trip into the microwave, lunch was done and ready to be served … and it was delicious! The curry had a bit of sweetness to it which calmed down any potential heat that would’ve been there. There was enough sauce to coat all the contents in curry sauce with a few stirs with a spoon. The chicken isn’t chewy, the vegetables are plenty and the rice and quinoa mix is spectacular.  The amount provided is perhaps equal to a cup size portion … but I found it to be quite satisfying.

I’m not sure what retailers carry this brand of meals, but I do know it’s available at super Target locations.

Each bowl is 240 calories or 6 points plus values.

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