Monday, June 23, 2014

Rice Krispies Treats Crackle Snaps - Fudge Drizzle

I popped into the grocery store one night simply to pick up some breakfast items. Low and behold I spotted an item that I simply could not leave behind ... that item being the Rice Krispies Treats Crackle Snaps in Fudge Drizzle.  I more importantly couldn't leave them behind due to the nutrition facts.
I'm a snacker. I look forward to my couple snacks during the day ... and I'm normally looking for something that's going to satisfy a particular craving. There are times where I'm in the mood for crunchy, yet sweet ... and these treats fulfill both qualifications. They're light, crispy little round crisps - that resemble rice cakes, which have a drizzle of chocolate over one side of the crisp.
Each bag is filled with light, airy, crispy, slightly sweet crisps. The bags themselves are pretty full - which I have to admit is appreciated.  Each bag is a single serving which makes for easy packing of snacks and limits the ability to double dip (well ... unless you eat two bags).  These are also available in a caramel drizzle.
Each pounch is 60 calories or 1 points plus values.

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