Monday, April 14, 2014

Thirsty Thursday – Weight Watchers edition!

This is what I call my rendition of “Thirsty Thursday” (or really Thirsty Monday-Friday).  I drink like a fish (water beverages that is) and it definitely helps in keeping me equally hydrated.

Since I’ve started my job 3-weeks ago, in the morning when I head to work, I head into the office with a large ice coffee and a 23.7 ounce bottle of water. Depending on the day I bring in a 33.8 ounce flavored water OR a 23 ounce Diet Arizona iced tea. I then fill up my Weight Watchers water bottle which holds 24 ounces of water at the water bubbler.

It’s truly a beverage party in my cubical … and once my drinks are done, I then head to the water bubbler and refill my Weight Watchers mg and my plastic water bottle (which I put Crystal Light flavoring in).  This routine pretty much ensures I get in over a gallon of water a day (this being outside of what I drink at home and out of work). I find getting in a ton of water in at work is far easier Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday I definitely have to remind myself to drink more.

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