Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hi I’m Skinny Sticks – Multi-Grain Sweet Onion

I stumbled upon a fabulous find out of all places: Bed Bath & Beyond.  Hi I’m Skinny Sticks – Multi-Grain Sweet Onion reminded me of the apple straws I’m a huge fan of so I made sure to pick up the sweet onion variety. Particularly the fact that it was sweet onion was a huge bonus because I absolutely love the flavor in crispy snacks.

The straws themselves are very much like apple straws. If you haven’t had those, then they’re along the lines of French fries (in shape) but are light, airy and crispy. I’d say they’re a healthier take on potato sticks. They have a sweet onion flavoring to them, but it was mild and not overwhelming. The multi-grain also wasn’t overpowering on the palette, which helped make them quite enjoyable. They’ve got the natural lightness of baked chips and are not as heavy as regular fried potato chips. I enjoyed these just as a simple snack, as well as alongside a sandwich.

A 28g serving (roughly 34 sticks) is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.


  1. Shannon - HOLY CRAP. I know this comment has nothing to do with this post, but I HAD to tell you. I got a Paderno Vegetable Spiral Slicer. It lets you do "noodles" out of squash or zucchini. I used it to have "Fettucini" Alfredo with was so good. so good. You must look up recipes with "zoodles" to see what I mean.

    1. I've seen the Paderno cutter but I've been hesitant to purchase because I like zucchini but I'm not a HUGE lover of zucchini. The texture weirds my taste buds out after a while and I've always been weary that the sliced up veggie would be too mushy for my liking. How is the zoodle texture of it for you?