Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thomas' Banana Bread Bagels

On a quick lunchtime trip through Wal-Mart I noticed a display of Thomas' bagels. I know Thomas' likes to come out with limited edition bagels and since it had been some time since I've had a bagel I decided to see what was to offer. Low and behold I stumbled upon the Thomas' Banana Bread Bagels and immediately was sold.

The bagels themselves smell amazing through the bag. They smell very reminiscent of banana bread. There's a banana and cinnamon scent clearly evident running throughout the bag which was just a heavenly scent.

Unfortunately that tickle on the senses doesn't as smoothly run over into the taste of the product. They certainly don't scream banana bread when you eat it. It's got a plain bagel flavor, perhaps even a cinnamon raisin (without the raisin) flavor to the bagel itself. Although you do get a banana flavor when you bite into one of the banana pieces within the dough itself. I guess you can say they're a hint of banana bread to it but certainly not quite. I'd say, don't bite into it expecting to taste the real deal banana bread because you'll be disappointed.

They're certainly not a bad bagel, but they're not as flavorful as I may have hoped for. Although I did find I enjoyed them most with some peanut butter and a few pieces of sliced banana on it. It made for a killer tasty, peanut buttery banana filled breakfast.

Each bagel is 260 calories or 7 points plus values.

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