Friday, September 12, 2014

Green Juice / Green Smoothie

So ...  I've launched myself into the craze that is Green juice. I've seen so many green juices being made and different varieties that it peeked my interest. Since I had been struggling I figured it would be a good way to get some vegetables and fruits in on days where I was lacking.  If I have a juice with a filling breakfast (hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt etc) I'm far more satisfied and even full-feeling at lunch time.
I simply add some fresh fruit, vegetables and green tea to my green juice and so far I've enjoyed what I've been able to concoct.  I do make big batches of these, storing them in airtight containers and even pitchers. If the mixture sits in the fridge overnight, it'll need a good few shakes in the morning to get everything reincorporated. Since I don't "juice" them (I use a blender) the pulp and fiber is still present which raises to the top of the glass/pitcher and the green tea settles to the bottom.  The mixture is essentially a "salad in a cup."
A friend of mine gave me a basic recipe and I've been using that and adding in my own swing of things.  Here's the basic recipe:
Green tea
1/2 Banana
I just eyeball it, blend it up and pour it into individual containers. As it sits in the fridge, the pulp does settle at the top of the drink ... but a quick shake before drinking it all gets re-incorporated. This is more along the lines of a "smoothie" than a smooth juice as there is chunks of pulp in it.

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