Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flo's Hot Dogs

If you’re from New England then you have to know about Flo’s Hot Dogs. Flo’s is a small little hot dog stand in Cape Neddick, Maine which has been in business since 1959. Yes, that’s right, and all they sell is hot dogs! The most amazing hot dogs you’ll ever taste that is. The stand itself is in operation all year round, but they are closed on Wednesdays and have standard operating hours from 11-3pm. The door closes promptly at 3, so if you want a hot dog you need to make sure you’re in by 2:59 or the door will be locked on you.

Flo’s sells boiled hot dogs in steamed New England style buns. You can order your hot dog any way you want it (plain, mustard, relish, ketchup, sauerkraut, onion, Flo’s relish, mayo, etc.), but there are two staple ways that are famous for this little hidden jewel in the hot dog realm. There is the The Special (I call it Flo’s way), which has mayonnaise (yes, you read that right mayonnaise! But don’t let that tidbit stop you from reading further), Flo’s relish and celery salt on it. While there is The Works which has Flo’s relish, green relish, mustard, onion and celery salt on it.

These hot dogs will cost you $2.50 each, plus tax.

I personally do not like celery salt so when I order my hot dogs I always ask for the celery salt to be held. My personal favorite is The Special, hold the celery salt, add onion. It’s so delicious; I can’t even get past that! I’ve spoken to Gail (the owner) a million times when I go in there and she’s told me exactly what she uses (the name brand of the hot dog and the name brand of her mayonnaise) and I’ve picked up the stuff (including the shops relish which I bought while at the stand) and it just does NOT taste the same at home! I think the secret truly is in the water since she’s boiling hundreds of hot dogs and I’m boiling three.

Now, don’t get turned off by mayonnaise on a hot dog. It REALLY plays off the Flo’s relish well; it makes their relish a little sweeter (since the relish can be considered tangy on its own). The Works would be my second favorite hot dog because it has some of my favorite staples on a hot dog on it. You can easily make this a meal, by picking yourself up a soda or water and throwing in a bag of chips.

Every time I am in Maine and it’s between the hours of operation at Flo’s I try to stop in to grab a hot dog. I’ve heard people in the shop state it as a Life Altering Experience. And yes, I have seen someone come in and order 30 hot dogs to go to bring home to feed family who came home to visit.

I must say though if you are ever in Maine for any reason what so ever, drop into Flo’s and try one of these. I promise - you won’t be disappointed.

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