Monday, September 22, 2014

Polish Doughnut / Pączki

I went to a Polish festival last weekend and after making a trip to the Polish grocery store, I picked up a polish donut or Pączki. I haven't had a polish donut in over 5-years so it was quite the treat.
So what's to special about polish donuts? Well, they're fluffy, light and rather airy donuts which are not greasy nor are they as heavy as traditional American donuts. These particular donuts had a light icing on the top of them (while others can have powder sugar on them) which provides a very subtle amount of sweetness. These particular ones had a very thin layer of either raspberry or prune filling. I actually asked for raspberry, but was given prune ... which was delicious regardless. The prune flavoring was very mild and light.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?), in my area, the only Polish bakery is over a 30 minute drive away and once they're gone ... they're gone. If you're a donut lover, these are a delight to have every once in a while.
Point wise .. I'd aim high and say this was 10 points plus values.

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