Monday, September 15, 2014

Tastee Candy Apples

One of my all time favorite snacks during fall season at the grocery store are hands down Tastee Candy Apples. They come in a variety of flavors and all are pretty much calorie/point "safe" and are such an enjoyable treats. As we all know, fall is pretty much fair/carnival time all around the United States. What one food item is available at nearly all fairs/carnivals? Fried dough ... uhhmm... yes, but ALSO candy apples!

I remember as a kid going to visit my godmother in Ohio. There was this candy shop that made THE best caramel apples. Whenever I'd leave from visiting her OR she'd come to visit me ... these candy apples came along for the plane ride. Sadly with no connection in Ohio any longer I've had to "settle" for candy apples in my area. In the past I've made them at home ... but a treat I've been purchasing for years at the grocery store are Tastee's Candy Apples.

The candy apples come in a variety of flavor combinations: caramel with peanuts, candy apple with peanuts, jelly with shredded coconut and turtle candy apples. They also sell "gourmet" versions of these apples which I find in my area sold at wholesale retailers ... but these particular candy apples aren't as friendly as the original variety sold at the grocery store.

I just happened to find the caramel and the candy while shopping so I picked them up. I wanted the jelly but they didn't have it ... yet I'm sure I'll find it someplace soon. All of them are delicious but as it tends to go we all have our "favorites."

I have tried the four varieties (candy, jelly, caramel and turtle) and I have to say ... the caramel and the jelly are my favorites. The caramel is a soft, runny/gooey caramel that's got a boatload of nuts around it. The jelly is a soft, jelly style coating that has a yummy shredded coconut around it. The candy apple is a soft candy apple coating that's got peanuts around it. Whereas the turtle if your classic soft caramel that's covered in chocolate bits and peanuts.

The caramel, candy and jelly candy apples are 4 points plus a piece and are 160 calories. While the turtle is 239 calories and 7 points plus values. Today I actually saw a plain caramel apple which has no peanuts on the outside and was 130 calories or 3 points plus values.

If you want to see all that Tastee has to offer you can do check out their website.

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