Saturday, December 13, 2014

Trader Joe's Harvest Bagels

Considering I'm a self-described carbivore I tend to check out the bagel section at Trader Joe's ... specifically the new seasonal flavors. I was all excited to find the new Trader Joe's Harvest Bagels so I grabbed a bag to give them a try.
The bagels are your classic multigrain bagels which is kicked up a notch by incorporating both cranberries and seeds. The seeds give it a bit of a crunch and the cranberries offer a nice subtle sweetness. They toast up perfectly, are delicious with just a little butter on them or even as a side to a breakfast dish. Since I'm into a savory sandwich with bagels I really enjoy them with a little deli polish ham, sliced tomato and crushed hot peppers. The slight sweetness from the bagel balances perfectly against salty ham and spicy hot peppers.

The bagels crisp up and offer good crunch while also having that classic chewy bagel texture. I quite honestly really enjoy these bagels and have repurchased them already. The downside these are a limited edition seasonal item.

A bagel is 230 calories or 6 points plus values.

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