Sunday, December 28, 2014

OatFit Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal

I picked up a box of OatFit Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal at Target to have as an "emergency" food in my desk. You know, something to have just in case a breakfast option wasn't to work out and it would deter me from eating junk or whatever I could get my hands on. I'm not much of an instant oatmeal fan these days ... but for a convenience, once in a while food, I figured why not?
The one thing I liked immediately off the bat was the packages are elongated and once you pour the oatmeal out into a bowl, there's a "fill" line on the bag to measure water/milk in. This is great because I don't always bring my measuring cups with me, unless I've got a preplanned meal that I've got to measure out of knowingly. Cooked the oatmeal pairs well with fresh fruit (berries/banana) and is a satisfying meal.
The oatmeal is alright ... it's your average instant oatmeal. The flavor is good - very cinnamon roll but oddly, I find the oatmeal, once cooked comes out whitish in color. It's satisfying, but if you're more of a steel cut/whole oats person the consistency will be off. It's more along the mushy side of things. I'm not the biggest fan of that but it's doable when needed. Consistency doesn't mean it's a bad ... it all just boils down to personal preference.

A package of 100 calories or 3 points plus values (or you can have 2 packets, for 200 calories or 5 points plus values).

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