Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dunkin Donuts Reese's Peanut Butter Square Donut

One day browsing through Facebook I stumbled upon a post from Reese's stating they had merged with Dunkin Donuts and created a Dunkin Donuts Reese's Peanut Butter Square Donut. Immediately, my mind was set on a mission. Truthfully ... I don't like Dunkin Donuts donuts (I prefer a few local smaller chain donut shops and a local grocery stores donuts - they're just tastier). But for Reese's I was inclined to give it a go.

I figured out the points for it and one afternoon I popped into the Dunkin Donuts near my work and picked one up. Do note these are pricier than the regular donuts available at DD's - these are $1.50/ea (which does help in only purchasing one). I brought my donut and iced coffee back to work to enjoy while I got back into the swing of things at my desk.

The first bite, I was like "okay..." but that's because it was just dough and the chocolate frosting on top - very reminiscent of your classic chocolate frosted. Now, the second bite is where all the magic happened. The second bite contained some of the pipped peanut butter filling. All I can say is: heaven. It's a heavenly experience. It's as if a chocolate frosted donut had a baby which was an airy peanut butter cream. Fantastic! It merges two perfect worlds (donuts and peanut butter cups) into one and it's done spectacularly.

As a Reese fan I can say this is reminiscent of Reese's but just in a completely different version of the classic - it's of course, in donut form. The peanut butter cream is light and airy, which also isn't adversely sweet. The combination is fabulous - almost so fabulous I need to forget how good it was since I live in an area where there is a Dunkin's on every corner!

Each donut is 370 calories or 10 points plus values.

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