Saturday, June 27, 2015

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Coffee Cake

I decided to pick up a Trader Joe's Cinnamon Coffee Cake after an early afternoon trip to the store. The woman covering the sample section of the store had mentioned they were sampling the cake this morning and that it was delicious. She mentioned that it was made with sour cream, which intrigued me because sour cream in desserts typically makes them exceptionally moist.
Bringing the cake home and cutting it up, I was a little surprised with how crunchy/hard the outside of the cake was. It was caked in sugar, which after baking formed a somewhat hard/crunchy crust all along the exterior and top of the cake due to the sugar carmelizing. The texture of the coffee cake itself was moist ... which actually was my favorite part (admittedly I threw out some of my exterior of my cake because I liked the center the best). It is sweet, somewhat overly if you get a big bite of the crunchy/crumbled sugar over the cake.  Considering I'm a huge cinnamon lover I didn't find it to be cinnamony enough for me.
Overall, I found the coffee cake to be rather mediocre and kind of boring. I had a moment of "This isn't even worth it..." during eating it.  After the one piece I had, I did not go back for seconds and ended up offering it out to guests to have with coffee when they came over to visit.

A serving, 1/8th is 200 calories or 5 points plus values.

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