Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tera's Hunger Control - Satiety Blend - Organic Protein With Fiber and Oat Bran

One afternoon on a waltz through Whole Foods, I noticed some pre-portioned travel friendly packages of Tera's protein powders. One in particular grabbed my attention so I picked up a package of the Tera's Hunger Control - Satiety Blend - Organic Protein with Fiber and Oat  Bran. Since I am a bit of a protein powder snob I decided paying a little more upfront to get a  "sample size" would be cost beneficial in the long run than buying a full container of it (just in case I didn't like it).
I've heard rave reviews on some of the Tera's protein powders in the past but hadn't quite jumped on the band wagon because I didn't want to shell over $30 out for a container of protein powder to perhaps not be a fan. The fact that the package stated hunger control sold me because there are time where I feel as though I cannot satisfy my hunger. So any thing with added protein and fiber is the way to go.
The protein powder itself is a dark chocolate flavor, which when blended with a bit of frozen fruit, cashew milk and a handful of spinach is actually pretty tasty. The chocolate is rich and flavorful - definitely a show stopper. The flavor is enjoyable and doesn't have any chalky aftertaste that can sometime be present with protein powders.  Satiety wise, I did feel it was filling and satisfying. It curbed my appetite until dinner time so it did the trick.
As with any protein powder I'd suggest picking up an individual serving before shelling out for a full container of it just to make sure it suits your taste buds. Secondly, I found this protein powder to vary in pricing on nearly every website I've checked ... so shop wisely friends!
A serving, 1 oz, is 100 calories or 2 points plus values.

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