Friday, October 31, 2014

Aria Woman's Protein in Vanilla

I've been on a smoothie kick lately so I decided to give another protein powder I had been waiting to try a shot. Since I ran out of my vegetable based protein powder - I decided to give the Aria Woman's Protein - Vanilla a try.
I do want to note, this particular protein powder does have whey in it - so if you're sensitive to whey this would not work for you.
The directions state to add 2 level scoops to 1 cup of water or skim milk. I added the powder to water and tried it ... and it tasted chalky, very bland and just not something I'd throw in a shaker and chug down. There wasn't an immediate vanilla flavor ... more of a plain mildly chalky beverage. I dumped the protein powder mixture over some ice, frozen strawberries, a banana and a few pieces of frozen mango along with a green yogurt and blended it up. The first time I made it, I eliminated the mango and it was just not the right flavor -- I find the mango added a bit of sweetness that it needed otherwise it was a bland drink.
I don't mind whey proteins, but I do find they make my tongue feel dry. The Aria powder (along with a Greek yogurt) was very filling and kept me satisfied up until lunch time - so I can't complain. All I can say is it needs to be jazzed up by some fresh/frozen fruits in order for it to be an intriguing protein smoothie.
A serving, 2 level scoops, is 90 calories or 2 points plus values.

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