Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lightened Up: Cuban Sandwich

I've grown to really enjoy Cuban Sandwiches. In my area there's a diner that makes one of THE best Cuban Sandwiches around. It's made on a special cut of bread they have delivered to the diner ... while it's also loaded with cheese, butter and packed with delicious cuts of meat that it can be a very, very heavy meal. Never mind the fact it's served alongside a plate of french fries.
If you've never had a cuban sandwich it's a sandwich that's made of ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, mustard, sliced pickle and sometimes salami. In my area, the salami is nixed and is instead replaced with sliced turkey. The sandwich is then grilled to a crispy perfection and the sandwich is plain magical.
In order to skip on the bulky bread, I tend to try to lighten it up. This time I used a lavash bread, which I grilled up with some sliced deli ham, deli pork and deli turkey alongside a slice of fat free cheese. I added some mustard, sliced pickle and for a little more oomph I added a few pieces of romaine lettuce.
I folded the sandwich up, gave is a spritz of spray butter and grilled it on a grill pan. When done it was a perfect, crunchy sandwich which was all cuban sandwich without the added heaviness.  Quite the winning combination if you ask me!  The whole sandwich was only 7 points plus values.
You can make it more like the original and make it on an italian stick bread that's grilled ... but to save a few calories/points I make it on flat bread to boost up on the protein aspect of the sandwich.

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