Saturday, October 4, 2014

Haul: Skinnytaste Cookbook

Once I started cooking for myself, I wasn't much of a cook ... so I looked up recipes online that were Weight Watchers friendly that I could make at home without having to think about it. One of the websites that I frequented and tried many recipes and dessert recipes from was Skinnytaste. The great thing about the website was that it offered healthy flavorful (which was most important to me because I do NOT like bland food) recipes that were lighter in calories and "do able" regarding points plus values.
It was stated many moons ago that a Skinnytaste cookbook was in the works, which was exciting. A few months back there was a voting on the Skinnytaste Facebook page to vote for the cookbook cover. The cover I voted for didn't make the cut - but that's besides the point.
I received the cookbook in the mail the other day (pre-ordered from Amazon) and I'm pretty excited to give some of the recipes a shot. I find I'm pretty comfortable in the kitchen but there are times where I look for inspiration elsewhere. So this shall become a useful tool soon!
From what I have seen from the cookbook it's very much in-line with the recipes (or more notably the newer recipes -- within the last year that have been showcased on the website). Many gear towards a variety of eating: gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, etc.

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