Saturday, October 4, 2014

Limited Edition Caramel Apple Oreo's

On a quick jaunt through Target I spotted and ended up picking up a package of the new Limited Edition Caramel Apple Oreo. With fall upon us, caramel apple and pumpkin is making its appearance everywhere. Since I do enjoy an occasional Oreo I figured I'd give them a shot ... after all I find the flavored golden Oreo's to be less of a temptation for me (when compared to the chocolate Oreo's that is).
Opening the package I was rewarded with a caramel scent. The best I can describe it is when opening a bag of caramel apple lollipops ... that sweet caramel with a minor hint of apple. Intrigued upon first bite it truly does taste like a caramel apple. The cookie doesn't take away from the flavor. Spot on it tastes like it should.
Although if you separate the cookies and try the cream ... the cream is a lot lighter in texture when compared to traditional Oreo cream. This is light and almost airy in texture. It's so soft that when you take a bite it kind of squishes out of the other end of the cookie. Not quite what you expect when you're eating an Oreo cookie.
The caramel portion of the cream (brownish cream) is pretty pungent in the sweetness department and the apple (green cream) is more sweet than tart/sour. I find I enjoyed the cookie a lot more as a whole cookie than split apart. Split apart the texture of the cream was kind of a turn off for my palet.
2 cookies is a serving, which are 140 calories or 4 points plus values.

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