Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yoplait Caramel Apple Greek Yogurt

I had seen the new Yoplait Caramel Apple Greek Yogurt posted all over the place but I had the hardest time finding it. It was finally on one of a few trips to Walmart that I was able to pick up a few containers. Yoplait Greek yogurt is one of my favorites, alongside Dannon's Light & Fit ... so whenever I see a new and unique flavor out I have to give it a try.
The Caramel Apple is a limited edition flavor for fall. With fall come caramel apple (and pumpkin) flavored everything. The consistency is in line with the other Yoplait Greek yogurts where it's moderately thick but not too thick ... it's also not remotely as tangy as some other Greek yogurts on the market.

Flavor wise, the caramel flavor I find to be what I notice first. And it's one of those artificial caramel flavors, not like a true sweet rich caramel. It's not overly offensive but it's the flavor that I get right off the bat. The apple is there and the two do blend together well. It's a tasty yogurt, but it's not slam dunk out of the park fabulous. I found it's good on its own while it's also quite delicious over fruit.
A container is 100 calories or 2 points plus values.

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