Saturday, February 4, 2017

Aldi - Little Salad Bar - Three Layer Hummus

In recent months I’ve really given Aldi another shot as being one of my go-to grocery stores, especially after news that one of my local grocery store chains is closing.  Since I haven’t had a chance to get to Trader Joe’s, I’ve figured I’d frequent Aldi to kind of lessen all the grocery store blows.

On one of my last trips to Aldi, I spotted and picked up the Little Salad Bar - Three Layer Hummus. This reminded me of a three layer hummus I had tried at Trader Joe’s years ago (you can see that review from 2014 here. This particular hummus layers are: Classic, Jalapeno Cilantro and Supremely Spicy.  There is another version containing roasted red pepper hummus and (if my memory serves me correctly) roasted garlic and classic hummus flavors.

Together the flavors compliment one another well. The classic hummus helps reduce the heat that comes from the supremely spicy (even though it’s on the bottom of the container). The cilantro jalapeno hummus is my favorite out of the lineup – and I find the cilantro really helps bring everything together and tones down the generate heat that can be packed in a bite. The supremely spicy is exactly as you’d imagine – very spicy, sometimes fire if you get a pepper in a bite.  The label doesn’t necessarily break down each hummus flavors ingredients, but based on what is listed – I’d say this has ground up red jalapenos in it. Together this is one incredibly delicious hummus and I really hope it becomes a permanent item in the Aldi hummus selection. Whether it will or will not be permanent, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the jalapeno cilantro will become a single packaged hummus variety.

I brought the container to work to have as a snack during the week along with baby carrots. The second time I had it (and all subsequent times since then) I have used 2 tbsp as a spread on a deli meat sandwich which is a great alternative to mustard, etc.  I love this hummus so much I purchased another container when I went to Aldi last night.

A serving, 2 tablespoons, is 50 calories or 1 smart point. A 4 tablespoon serving will cost you 100 calories or 3 smart points.

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