Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Peanut Butter Banana

I’ve been hitting the jackpot, or so it seems, when it comes to new Greek yogurt flavors at my local grocery store. Out of the triple zero line up - the banana is my favorite, so when I saw the Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Peanut Butter Banana Greek yogurt, I immediately jumped on it and purchased 2 containers.

Unfortunately after trying the yogurt I’ve come to realize that was a poor decision and I’ll either need to be in a bind before I’d willingly eat the second container. I know … there aren’t many Greek yogurt flavors I don’t like but this one was just truly gross.  I assumed having a love child between two of my favorite flavors: banana and peanut butter, this would be a home run. Sadly, it was anything but.

The flavor is nothing near peanut butter nor anywhere near banana. After looking over the ingredients list, I wasn’t surprised – there’s no mention of peanut butter or banana in the listing, so I’m not entirely sure where the flavor was supposed to come from.  It’s very plain in flavor with an odd background flavor. Nothing I could specifically pinpoint – but I also didn’t have enough interest to have my taste buds endure anymore than I tried to “enjoy”.

Sadly – I’d say, save your money on this one and just stick to a flavor you enjoy from the Dannon Oikos Triple Zero line.

A container is 120 calories or 3 smart points.


  1. Did they have any other new flavors?

    1. My store had cherry -but the one they had was dropped and opened. I saw an ad and there's supposed to be an orange cream.

  2. The peanut butter banana is truly awful.

  3. I wish I had read your comment before purchasing! I agree. This is disgusting. I think it tastes like coffee! It doesn't taste like peanut butter or banana!